Literacy Curriculum

The mission of MSBSD K-12 Literacy is to provide research-based instruction for all students. In a literature rich environment, we will teach explicitly the necessary skills for students to access, organize, communicate, and analyze information to become proficient readers, writers, listeners, and speakers. This foundation in literacy empowers students to make relevant connections to other content areas and contribute to the world around them.
Elementary Goals:
To produce literate students who are able to: 
  • Utilize phonemic awareness skills in the manipulation of sounds and words.
  • Demonstrate the mastery of phonics skills by decoding and encoding words.
  • Exhibit fluency with speed, accuracy, and expression in oral reading.
  • Construct meaning using a variety of comprehension and vocabulary skills.
  • Incorporate proper handwriting techniques in daily writing.
  • Apply grade-appropriate structures and conventions to written and spoken language.
  • Apply reading strategies to develop decoding, fluency, vocabulary and comprehension skills.
  • Analyze materials to identify form, story element, opinion, connections and cultural influences.
  • Demonstrate proficiency in writing using a variety of forms, structures and conventions.
  • Incorporate revision strategies and maintain ethical standards when citing and using information.
  • Apply listening and speaking skills for a variety of purposes and audiences.
     Middle School Goals:
    To produce literate students who are able to:
  • Construct a variety of compositions, utilizing proper structures and conventions.
  • Demonstrate strategies for planning, evaluating, and revising of written work.
  • Assess, evaluate, and utilize resources.
  • Read orally a variety of texts with speed, accuracy, and proper expression.
  • Apply reading strategies that demonstrate general understanding of texts both independently and collaboratively.

  • High School Goals:
    To produce literate students who are able to:
  • Gather information and synthesize effectively information from various sources.
  • Utilize reading and writing strategies to extract, interpret, and communicate meaning.
  • Demonstrate application of content through a plethora of assessments.
  • Analyze and evaluate critically texts from a variety of sources to discern purpose, audience, and effectiveness.
     Developed by MSBSD K-12 Literacy Writing Team  -  08/08/08


    Last Modified on February 17, 2014