**A P-Card is a regular credit card. 
 Your P-Card is subject to the same fraud as a regular credit or debit card.**

Ways Thieves grab your information

  1. Counterfeiting- This is the most common
    • The thief will obtain your card information from a third party source
      • Cashiers at Restaurants, Hotels and Retail establishments will have a Card Reader and swipe your card in their own illegal terminal to grab your information before swiping your card for purchase.  This happens in the blink of an eye. 
      • A small device is put into a card swiping machine (gas pump, atm,...).  The devices are not easily seen and the device grabs information from all users of that card terminal.  The Information is then remotely transmitted to the thieves.  They can grab information from thousands of cards in a single day.  The thieves never even have to go back to get the device at a later time.
      • Persons who have your card information on file will sell the information to the thief.
    • After the card information is obtained illegally, the thief will then make a "clone" card and use at retail establishments.  It looks exactly like the real deal.  These cards don't work when swiped (thief’s cannot duplicate info in the magnetic strip), but as we all know, the cashier will happily type in the information when the card fails to swipe.  The purchase goes through without a problem. 
  2. Stealing your card
    • Thieves are quick and will grad your purse or wallet in a second.  The victims are random and are not usually target.  There only needs to be a window of opportunity for a moment.

  1. Guard the information on your card as much as possible. 
    • In most cases, thieves need your name, card number, expiration date, and security code on the back to commit a fraud crime. 
  2. Be aware at Retail establishments. 
    • Does the cashier need to walk away with your card? Don't let the card out of your site.
    • (Cashiers normally walk away at restaurants, so it may be in your best interest to use cash, or ask to walk with them while your card is swiped.
  3. Does something about the way the cashier is handling your card seem odd?
    • If you feel that the cashier may have compromised your card, call Bank of Montreal Immediately. 
  4. Does that card reader look different at the gas pump?      
    • Notify the retail establishment and don't swipe your card.
  5. Check transactions on the card often
    • Any unauthorized transactions to the P-Card need to be reported immediately to the Bank of Montreal then to the Accounting Department.
  6. Report a lost or stolen card immediately
    • If you P-Card is lost or stolen, call Bank of Montreal Immediately then call the Accounting Department.  A replacement card with new card number will be sent quickly.
Contact Information
Bank of Montreal/Harris Bank
   1-800-263-2263 (Primary Number)
   1-800-361-3361 (Lost/Stolen-Emergency Replacement)
   (Have card number handy)
Mat Su School District Accounting Department
   (907) 746-9223  Barb Urban
   (907) 746-9225  Alicia Paxton

Last Modified on February 5, 2014