Larson Elementary School

Homework Policy

“Nurturing a healthy community of caring, life-long learners.”

We believe that.......

·        all children can learn and be successful;

·        children can and will take responsibility for their own learning;

·        all students should read at home or be read to at least 20 minutes every day;

·        learning is best achieved when responsibilities are shared with parents, students and our community;

·        homework is essential to a child’s learning and success in school;

·        homework is an opportunity to practice concepts introduced and/or learned at school;

·        homework allows a parent/guardian to be engaged    with what their child is learning and doing in school;

·        homework can help a child to develop responsibility, especially routine and time management skills that will provide for future academic and life success;

·        assignments not completed in class are not the same as homework; however, students are expected to complete the work, often at home


Homework Time Guidelines/Expectations: Students can expect to have work to do at home every night not to exceed 30 minutes.  When students are absent from school they are expected to make up work. This situation may cause the amount of time working at home to be greater than 30 minutes.    In the event there is no specific homework assigned, the expectation would be that the child is reading, or being read to, at least 20 minutes per day.



Last Modified on January 16, 2009