Larson Elementary
2722 E Seldon Rd

Larson Elementary School
Mission Statement
"Nurturing a healthy community of caring, life-long learners.”

               We believe that.......


·        Larson should be a safe and nurturing environment;

·        a child’s parents are a child’s first teacher;

·        all children can learn and be successful;

·        children can and will take responsibility for their own learning;

·        all people have gifts and challenges

·        building positive relationships between people is essential to a healthy community;

·        goals are best achieved when responsibilities are shared with parents, students and our community;

·        collaboration and synergy will make our group of individuals better than the sum of its parts;

·        promoting life long learning is essential for all members of our community;

·        fact-driven management/data driven decision-making is essential to continuous improvement;

·        standards based instruction and reporting is essential to a quality school;

·        personal/social skills will provide students with skills necessary to be successful in life



“Larson Eagles Achieving Excellence”

Last Modified on June 18, 2013