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Library Policies

Mission Statement - 
        "To foster students learning and their development into active, independent members of the learning community who use information effectively, creatively, and responsibly."                                         Information Power, 1988


  • To provide resources and services appropriate to the curriculum of the school

  • To provide materials and services that meet the informational and recreational reading needs of the learning community

  • To provide opportunities for collaboration between the library media specialist and classroom teachers to incorporate information literacy and technology into instruction

  • To promote and provide instruction in information literacy and technology to students and teachers


Circulation Policies

  • All student will come to the library or computer lab ever three days.

  • Students are permitted to checkout 3 books at one time in 3rd grade, 4 books in 4th grade and 5 books at one time in 5th grade.

  • Library books are checked out for a two week loan period. Students are welcome to renew a book if they are not finished reading it.

  • Students are welcome to return books prior to their library day and may checkout during open library time every morning before homeroom (8:45 to 9:30 am) 

  • If a teacher requires a text for a class, this will not count toward the student's book limit.
  • Students with overdue books may still check out books as long as they haven't exceeded their grade level limit.

  • Students who are Battle of the Books participants may have an additional book checkout for their grade level. 
  • Overdue slips will be printed out on a regular schedule for books that two or more weeks overdue.

  • Lost or damaged materials must be paid for at the cost of replacement.

  • Reference materials are available for in library use only.

  • All students must have all materials checked in or paid for by the end of the year or prior to moving to another school.  Book checkout will be suspended for any student who has missing or overdue books from the previous year until those book(s) are returned or paid for. 
Last Modified on November 6, 2014