Science Fair Feb. 25!!
Science Fair is on its way to Knik!  We are proud to show off our 5th grade students' hard work and learning. All 5th graders are required to do a Science Fair project-it is their science grade for this quarter- and we encourage our 3rd and 4th graders to turn one in as well, although it is not required for them. Science Fair projects are a lot of work for families but the learning is priceless for everyone.  Since a project is a big deal, we encourage our students not to make their parents crazy by waiting until the last minute.  5th grade students must turn in their project plan by Feb. 10th.       
    The Science Fair is Feb. 25! All students should bring their projects in for judging, no later than 9:20 so they can be set up in the gym and be ready for judging.
Here are some great resources for Science Fair projects!
 Science Buddies
  This is the Science Buddies site and it is amazing!  Without a doubt the most helpful science fair site I've ever seen! This includes materials list, procedures, costs.  This site provides a survey for your child to take and then choose projects based on your child's interests.  
Steve Spangler Science Fair Projects  Steve Spangler does a great job of explaining how to do a project and has a site full of ideas!
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