March Madness in the Library!


                                                                March 4-April 4, 2016   

   Join Knik Elementary students as we support our Iditarod mushers by reading along with them to Nome!  Each child will be reading his/her way from Anchorage to Nome by reading at least 30 minutes per night. Every 30 minutes of at-home reading will the reader/musher one checkpoint closer to Nome.  These minutes will be recorded on a reading log that students will bring home nightly for you to oversee and sign. This should take about 26 days.  If your child gets to Nome before time is up, they may turn around and read back to Anchorage. Just like mushers who sometimes get treats along the way, your student may also win some small treats on the way to Nome!  When students arrive in Nome, they will get to choose a book from our book prizes box!

            Each student will have their own husky to move from checkpoint to checkpoint on their class map. Please keep the attached reading log and trail map in your child’s homework folder so he or she can move daily.  Only the minutes that students read outside of class time count toward their mileage . Be sure to fill it out and sign it nightly.

Follow a musher! Read the Armchair Musher blog!  Participate in our state’s greatest sport!!  This website is absolutely amazing and we use it in our classrooms for all kinds of learning!  Feel free to learn some things at home over Spring Break!

Parents, you are welcome to race your reader to Nome.  See Mrs. Stegall for a sled dog and you can post your progress alongside your child’s on their classroom map!  Parents who make it to Nome qualify for a drawing for Gary Paulson’s book, Winterdance!  Same rules apply to you too!  30 minutes reading per checkpoint!  Pick up a reading log and a dog for adults in the library!

We believe literacy is a lifelong habit, a great time to develop it is now!  It’s never too late to start!  So read along the trail with us as we travel by imagination to places faraway or close at hand! 


Chris Stegall, Knik Elementary Teacher/Librarian

Anne Knobbe Knik Elementary School Nurse

Last Modified on March 5, 2016