• Fifth Grade Team Page
    Welcome to all the new fifth grade students and families. 
    On this page you'll find links and downloads to important digital resources for this year. If you don't see the information you need, try following a link for a specific teacher, or go back to the main Sherrod site.
    Things to know about Sherrod's fifth grade: 
    • Sherrod Elementary has 5 fifth-grade classes!!

    Fifth Grade Teachers Staff working with fifth graders
    Charlotte McPhail, general educator, Room 202
    Ted Perdue, general educator, Room 204
    Valerie Rozzi, general education, Room 201 
    Robyn Schroeder, Resource, Room 207 
    Rebecca Williams, general educator, Room 205   
    Sean Williams, general educator, Room 203
    Dan Michael, principal
    Lyle Busbey, PE specialist
    Deb Cooper, Music specialist
    Deb Melton, Librarian
    Laura Farley, Behavior Specialist
    Val Kopsack, ELL
    Ashley, Psychologist
    Sunday, May 28, 2017