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Please enjoy Dr. Paramo's Welcome speech from the MSBSD Opening Day Ceremony!

Dear Mat-Su students, parents, families, and community stakeholders,


Summertime! As the last bell rings for Mat-Su students, in Alaska, we engage in a stunningly beautiful place to live and form our relationships that make up our lives. Thinking back over this school year, teachers and administrators remember those students who made it to class on time, prepared, and ready to learn. They remember those who weren’t, too. Coaches hear the echoes of the thundering cheers from moms and dads on the sidelines to see if the ball went in the hoop, was spiked over the net, kicked past the goalie, or crossed the goal line. Win! Nervous musicians, poets, and Thespians paced in the wings waiting for the curtain to rise, for the first note, and for the swelling finale. And, now, the last final is graded, kindergarteners are first graders, eighth graders became high school freshmen, high school seniors are graduates, and life goes on.


In 1000 Awesome Things (www.1000awesomethings.com), the last day of school begins with a story, and it goes like this…

My friend Jason had a tradition.

Every year on the last day of school he’d stop on the bridge over the creek on his walk home, pop open all his three-hold binders, and dump and shake all his pen-scrawled notes and sticker-covered tests into the bubbling rapids below. Somehow the sight of the sheets soaking up and smearing the ink and then drowning and drifting away gave him the therapeutic closure he needed before summer officially began.

Although we didn’t all celebrate by polluting local waterways, the day always had so much meaning….

Making plans for pool parties, summer birthdays, and sleeping in every morning gives you a great rush and as you walk home with that pen-scratched yearbook in your light and baggy backpack, you curl your lips into a right smile and stare way off into the distances…thinking tall thoughts…and dreaming big dreams…to fill those beautifully wide open spaces.


Mat-Su students, go and stare off into your distances, think your tall thoughts, dream your big dreams, and fill our beautiful wide open spaces.


Dr. Deena M. Paramo


Last Modified on May 31, 2013