Alaska Tsunami Ocean Bowl
February 16-19th Alaska Tsunami Ocean Bowl @ Seward High School
CTHS - Mat-Tsunami team - 1st Place  Regional Champions  
April 19th -23rd National Ocean Science Bowl @ Oregon 
April 20th - 25th, 2016 - National Ocean Science Bowl @ North Carolina 
 CTHS placed 9th overall  and 11th on team paper
February 25th - 28th - Alaska Tsunami Ocean Bowl @ Seward High School, Seward, Alaska
 Mat-Su Career & Tech High School - 2016 Regional Champions
State Champions
CTHS Team of Captain Lucas Arthur, Jacob Cucinello, Cade Johnstone, Sarah Montalbano, Leah Wyzykowski
High Point  
CTHS Mat-Tsunami Team record the high point total of any round. 
 sa award
2016 Sportsman Award 
CTHS Team Captain Hector Campbell, Drake Ballais, Zach Barnes, Su Neeta Vu and Kyle Hasse
National Ocean Science Bowl
Ocean Springs, Mississippi  April 23-26th, 2015
  national ocea
 CTHS placed 15th on team paper
18th Overall ( paper and quiz bowl competitions) 
Team Captain Joshua Hartman 
CTHS 2015 Alaska State Champions
 ocean bowl
 (Joshua Hartman, Lucas Arthur, Ariel Hasse, Jacob Cucinello, Cade Johnstone and Coach Lundt)
The Alaska Tsunami Ocean Sciences Bowl is a regional competition for Alaska high schools on topics related to the study of the oceans. 
Each year, Alaska holds a regional ocean sciences competition as part of the National Ocean Sciences Bowl (NOSB). A unique aspect of the Alaska regional NOSB is the research component of the competition, in which teams of four or five students prepare a research paper that is submitted in December, and present an oral presentation at the Tsunami Bowl on February 5th - 8th, 2015. The research project score is combined with the results from a Round Robin quiz competition, where teams of four students, plus an optional alternate, compete against each other in timed quiz matches. These two components determine a team’s seeding in the final elimination brackets of the quiz competition. The results of the elimination brackets determine a team’s final standing in the Tsunami Bowl.  This years theme " The Science of Oil in the Oceans".
Ending an 8-year streak by Juneau-Douglas High School, the team from Mat-Su Career & Technical High School  Team A has won the 18th annual Alaska regional competition.  For winning CTHS receives $500 for classroom supplies for Ocean Bowl and a free trip to Ocean Springs, Mississippi to compete against 24 for other regional winners at the National Meet hosted by Gulf Coast Research Laboratory Marine Education Center on April 23-26, 2015.
2015 Overall Results:
1st  Place- Mat-Su Career & Tech High School A - Team 
11th Place - Mat-Su Career & Tech High School B - Team
 Research Paper
CTHS A Team - 9th
Oral Presentation
CTHS A Team 6th
 Paper/Presentation/Prelim Quiz Bowl
CTHS A Team 3rd
CTHS B Team 12th 
 Joshua Hartman
 Hector Campbell
For more information check out Alaska Tsunami Bowl web site located at  
Participation fee $40
2014 Results
Mat-Su Career & Tech High School had two teams entered in this years competition.  Our two teams consisted of Mat-Tsunamis (Ariel Hasse, Joshua Hartman, Corina Monroe, Peyton Murphy, Ashton Lund) and the Imagine Dragonfish consisted of (Kaetlyn Erickson, Keefer Brown,  Lena Gorlova and Rachel Cote.
Research Paper
Mat-Tsunamis - 1st Place
Imagine Dragonfish - 16th Place
Oral Presentations
Mat-Tsunamis - 4th Place
Imagine Dragonfish - 16th Place
Combined Research and Oral Presentations
Mat-Tsunamis - 2nd Place
Imagine Dragonfish - 15th Place
Quiz Bowl
Mat-Tsunamis - 11th  Place
Imagine Dragonfish - 13th Place
Mat-Tsunamis - 7th Place
Imagine Dragonfish -  15th Place
Ariel Hasse
Kaetyln Erickson
2013 Results
Mat-Su Career & Tech High School had three teams entered again in this years competition.  Our three teams consisted of Mat-Tsunamis ( Courtney Monroe, Ariel Haase, Chris Erickson, Lucas Hyce, and  Reno Hyce ), Cerulean Tempests (Kaetlyn Erickson, Allie Poe, Bryanna Pearce, and  Deiniol Ballais), Wave Runners (Corina Monroe, Peyton Murphy, Charles Stormont, and Joshua Hartman).
Research Paper:
   Mat-Tsunamis - 2nd
   Cerulean Tempests - 6th
   Wave Runners - 11th
Oral Presentations:
   Mat-Tsunamis - 5th
   Wave Runners - 12th
   Cerulean Tempests - 13th
Quiz Bowl:
    Mat-Tsunamis - 2nd
    Cerulean Tempests - 24th
    Wave Runners - 21st
    Mat-Tsunamis - 2nd (Tied for 1st lost tie breaker)
    Cerulean Tempest - 16th
    Wave Runners - 21st
   Ariel Haase
   Allie Poe
   Corina Monroe
Sportsmanship Award:
   Wave Runners
Art Show:
Arcylic Painting:
   Lucas Hyce - 2nd
Pencil Drawing
   Lucas Hyce - 1st
   Annie Kilborn - 2nd
2012 Results
Mat-Su Career & Tech High School had three teams entered in this years competition.  Our three teams consisted of Mat-Tsunamis ( Alonzo Gage, Jonah Jeffries, Lucas Hyce, Reno Hyce and Myriam Zuluga), Tiger Sharks (Chris Erickson, Jake Carlton, Aspen Melton, Shalya Jordan, and Tess Adams, Rock Lobsters (Bradley Smith, Allie Poe, Courtney Monroe and Brandon Erwin).
Mat-Tsunamis - Report was on "Ecosystem-Based Management of Bristol Bay" 
placed 6th on the paper, 8th on oral presentation, 7th on quiz bowl and 5th overall
Tiger Sharks - Report was on "Ecosystem-Based Management of Pacific Herring (Clupea pallasii) and Pink Salmon (Oncorhynnchus gorbusha) in Price William Sound"
placed 8th on the paper, 11th on oral presentation, 17th on quiz bowl and 13th overall
Rock Lobsters - Report was on "Ecosystem-Based Management of Shellfish in the Cook Inlet Region"
placed 12th on the paper, 9th on oral presentation, 14th on quiz bowl and 12th overall
ROV Competition
New this year was the Remote Underwater Operated Vehicle or ROV.  Students had 90 minutes to design, construct and test their vehicles before the competition began.  The competition requires each student to drive the vehicle and complete 5 tasks with their vehicles.
Tiger Sharks - placed 1st
Rock Lobsters - placed 3rd
Art Show
Any student that attends a school that participates in NOSB may participate in the Alaska Tsunami NOSB 2012 Ocean Connection Juried Art Show.  CTHS had six students enter art pieces:
Acrylic Painting
Lucas Hyce - 2nd place - Ocean Sunset and Honorable Mention for Sockeye Salmon
Kyra Laulainen - Honorable Mention - Iceberg Tiger
Courtney Monroe - Honorable Mention - Jelly in the Deep
Digital Media
Sterling Maffe - 3rd Place - Ocean in a Bowl
2011 Results

Mat-Su Career & Tech High School had two teams compete in the 2011 Ocean Bowl in Seward on February 4-6th.  Each team had to write a 20 page research paper on some aspect on Human Impacts.  The Tiger Sharks team of Jonah Jefferies, Alonzo Gage, Chris Erickson, Shayla Jordan and Aspen Melton wrote on “Effects of Cyanide Fishing on the Coral Reefs of Wakatobi Marine National Park”.  The Mat-Tsunami’s team of Lucus Hyce, Reno Hyce, Myriam Wells, and Sarah Dawkins wrote on “The Sensitive Baltic Sea”.  This research paper had to be completed and sent in for scoring by December 1st.  After arriving in Seward each team had to do a 20 minute oral presentation of their research paper followed by questions from local scientists.  The next part of the competition was the quiz bowl, where two teams ask asked question on all aspects of the ocean in a jeopardy format.  CTHS did an awesome job on all parts of the competition.  The final results had the Tiger Sharks placing second to Juneau.  Each member of the Tiger Sharks received a $2,000 tuition waiver at University of Alaska Fairbanks, $2,000 tuition waiver from University of Alaska Southeast and $1,000 tuition Waiver from UAF if they decide to major in fisheries. Mat-Tsunami’s placing sixth, each member of this team will receive a $1,000 tuition waiver from UAF if they decide to major in fisheries.  Sarah Dawkins and Jonah Jefferies received MVP of their teams.  Each received several cool prizes for their hard work. Lastly, Lucus Hyce received special acknowledgement for his cool t-shirt design.  Our results showed a great improvement over last year where we placed 9th and 15th respectively.  We would like to thank Society for Science in the Public Fellowship Program, Lyden Air Cargo, and Alaska USA Federal Credit Union for completely sponsoring every aspect of this program.  Special thanks to Bill Jeffries for driving students to Seward and back and Barbara Petkuh for stepping in and becoming assistant coach.


quiz bowl finals

2011 Quiz Bowl Finals CTHS Tiger Sharks vs Juneau

2nd place overall2nd place

2011 Awards - Tiger Sharks - 2nd place overall
oral presentation
Oral Presentation - Mat -Tsunami's
Dinner at Sealife center
Mat-Tsunami's - 6th place
final round quiz bowl
Quiz Bowl Championship Round Mat-Tsunami's  45 vs Tiger Sharks  48
Quiz Bowl 2
Quiz Bowl - Mat-Tsunami's vs Juneau B Team
Ocean Bowl having fun
Mat-Tsunami's Relaxing between Quiz Bowl Rounds
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2011 Sponsors

Wells Fargo
In 2008, CTHS placed 6th overall with a team that consisted of Chris Jorge, Jackie Layton, Cheyanne Jorge and Colten Christensen.
The 2009 CTHS team "Pteropods" consists of Colten Christensen, Rachael Quiriarte, Denali Simpson, Cheyanne Jorge and Samantha Torres.  Only did the research  paper and place 5th.
The 2010 CTHS Team "Mat-Tsunami" consisted of Alonzo Gage, Sarah Dawkins, Reno and Lucas Hyce placed 9th out of 22 teams.  The team called "Fightoplankton" which consisted of Rachel Cline, Jonah Jefferies, Brandon Olson, Gavin Fonseca placed 15th.


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