VOLLEYBALL 7th & 8th Grade Girls)

A. Rules - National Federation of State High School Association Rules will govern all volleyball matches. This includes rally scoring.

** The first two games will be played to 25 points. The third game will be played to 15 points given that time permits within the 30 minute timeframe.

B. Exceptions to Rules:

1. Junior Varsity and Varsity matches will consist of the best two out of three games. If the match is decided

in two games and time allows, a third game may be played to give those on the bench a chance to


2. No player may participate on or suit up for more than one team on the same day. Exception: Schools with

junior/senior high combinations, and less than 300 students may play athletes on two teams if the coach of

the opposing team has been notified prior to the day of the match and is in agreement.

3. The height of the net shall be 7' 4 1/2".

4. The serving line shall remain at 30'.

C. Classifications - Team classifications are a competitive Junior Varsity, and Varsity teams, one per school, per classification.

D. Participation Limitations. - No athlete may participate on or suit up for more than one team on the same day.

1. Varsity roster will consist of a minimum of eight 8th grade students. The remainder of the roster can be either 8th or 7th grade students. If a player is a seventh grader, they must be able to start and remain on varsity; no swinging. The intent of this rule is to even the playing field and allow for competition between athletes of comparable ability. If a school has only one team they need to publically declare their competition level prior to the first game of the season. If a school desires to change their status it must be done three weeks prior to the championship tournaments.

2. The JV roster will consist of 7th grade students only; no 8th graders on JV. This does not apply to schools

with total enrollment of less than 400 students. For schools with total enrollment of less than 400 students, JV can consist of up to three 8th grade students.

3. 6th graders may participate on 6th grade teams only.

[ 3. Academy Exception Rule: Academy middle school student population is 100 students or less. In order to field a JV and C team, Academy is allowed to include sixth graders in try outs and select to participate on a JV or C team, but not both. Rosters of teams will be made available. Sixth grade athletes who participate on the JV or C team will not participate during the 6th grade season. ]

4. JV and Varsity teams must be declared before the first game of the season. Any movement from one team to another must be "upward" and permanent.

5. C-team rosters will consist of both 7th and 8th grade girls not already on JV or Varsity rosters. C-team will be made up of players of equal ability and heterogeneously grouped. The C-team, JV and Varsity season is limited to 7th and 8th grade student athletes. [ Exception: Academy Charter 6th graders (see #3 above). ]

6. Student athletes will participate in one championship tournament per season.

E. Equipment - Preferably all players will wear a uniform with numbers clearly visible on the front and back.

Last Modified on November 27, 2012