6TH & C TEAM BASKETBALL(Girls and Boys)

A. Rules- National Federation of State High School Association Rules will govern all basketball games.

B. Exceptions to Rules

1. Length of Game - Games will consist of two - fifteen minute halves with a running clock. The

clock will be stopped the last minute of each half for fouls, violations, etc.

2. Time Out - Each team will be allowed (one) 1-minute timeout per half.

3. Overtime - If needed, overtime will be two minutes in length. The clock will be stopped the last minute of

each overtime period. One additional time out is awarded to each team in each overtime period.

4. Defense - Zone defenses are not permitted. A technical foul will be called for violation. Full court press is

allowed only during the second half. If a team is ahead by 10 or more points they are not allowed to full

court press.

5. Team size - A team should consist of approximately 8-10 players.

6. Three Point Shot - The three point shot will not be allowed.

C. Philosophy - The philosophy of sixth grade & C - team basketball is to teach the fundamental basketball

rules. Traveling, three seconds in the key, over and back, free throw violations and fouls should be watched for

and called.

D. Classifications - Team classifications are based on equal ability (heterogeneously grouped) teams.

E. Participation Limitation

1. No basketball player may play on or suit up for more than one team on the same day or in the same

tournament, unless agreed by the two coaches from the opposing teams.

2. C-team rosters will consist of both 7th and 8th grade students not already on JV or varsity rosters. C-teams

will be made up of players of equal ability and heterogeneously grouped.

3. 6th graders may participate on 6th grade teams only.

[3. Academy Exception Rule: Academy middle school student population is 100 students or less. In order to field a JV and C team, Academy is allowed to include sixth graders in try outs and select to participate on a JV or C team, but not both. Rosters of teams will be made available. Sixth grade athletes who participate on the JV or C team will not participate during the 6th grade season. ]

F. Team Selection - 6th grade & C - team basketball will be a no-cut sport. All students will be allowed to participate if they have fulfilled eligibility requirements.

G. Equipment.

1. All girls will use a 28.5-Inch "girls" ball.

2. All boys will use a "boys" ball.

3. Preferably all players will wear a uniform with numbers clearly visible on the front and back.

Last Modified on March 1, 2016