Students are expected to dress out and participate to the best of their ability in each PE unit that is introduced.
If a student has a medical excuse to miss PE they need to have a written note from a parent, after 3 days it is a district requirement to have a Doctor's note.  They then will be given a written alternative assignment to be done during their PE class.
If a student is absent from school it is their responsibility to pick up the written or exercise make up sheet, that are available next to the door on the wall in the gym, and turn it in before the end of that quarter.
Since PE is a participation class, they are graded on their effort.  The following is how each student is assessed daily.  10 points total = 1 pt for being on time and prepared, 2 pts for warm up effort, 1 pt for following directions and listening, 4 pts for effort in participation of daily activity, 2 pts for sportsmanship
Activities that students will be learning during the school year:  Soccer, Flag football, Lacrosse, Softball, Weight Training, NYO, Fitness training, Badminton, Pickleball, Basketball, Volleyball, Cooperative games and Presidential Physical Fitness testing (each quarter).

Friday, May 26, 2017

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