PTA would like to extend a warm welcome to all parents of Swanson and Sherrod students.  We have a lot planned for this year to keep our schools great for our kids and welcome new and former members alike!

Our first big event will be the Family Fun Walk and Run.  It was so successful last year (400 people in attendance) that we just have to make it an annual event!   We're crossing our fingers for a beautiful weather day!  It will be held again on Sherrod's playground on September 13 from 5:30-7:30.  Please remember that all students and families from both schools are invited to participate in this wonderful family event!

PTA is committed to getting as many parents to volunteer in our schools as possible and have placed this at the top of our priority list this year .  We truly believe that parent involvement is the key to making our schools better and to helping families feel more connected to their child's school.  

Please fill out the volunteer/membership form if you’re interested in volunteering for Sherrod and Swanson this year and return them to the office as soon as you can.    We will have them as well as extra membership applications available at the front offices of both Swanson and Sherrod for everyone who is interested in being a part of our schools' PTA, membership is only $7.

Communication is another goal of the PTA this year.  We will work hard trying to inform all parents of upcoming events and volunteer opportunities as they come up.  We will be using e-mail, newsletters, Facebook and flyers home to students to get as much information out as possible. 

If there are any questions, ideas, comments, concerns or anything else you want to talk about, feel free to contact me anytime at cmfrantzich@yahoo.com.  We're looking forward to a great year for our kids and our schools.


Marilyn Frantzich

 PTA President 2013/2014


PTA Board 2013/14

President - Marilyn Frantzich

Vice President - Evangelina Peterson 

      Treasurer - Kristi Jones

      Secretary - Tricia Wildman









Last Modified on September 9, 2013