guitar Guitars ROCK!
Rehearsals on TUESDAYS @ 8:15 AM



SPRING CONCERT: Thursday, May 1st @ 2:30 PM and 6:00 PM

Music to Practice:   
   Ode to Joy


Learn the following chords for the concert: Guitar

A, D, D7, F, Em   small C, G, G7

 Click on this link for help.


Welcome back Guitar pickers! Guitar class is offered to 3rd-5th grade students once a week before school on Tuesdays from 8:15 AM - 9:05 AM. Students are responsible for renting or purchasing their our ACOUSTIC guitar. All students need to bring the following to class: acoustic guitar in a case, guitar pick, music folder.


Hello Parents,
I am so glad your child signed up for guitar class. We had 25 kids make the cut off! We're gonna have a blast!

1. Regular attendance at rehearsals. Be on time (8:15 AM). Tardy is 8:25 AM.  I have 31 guitars to tune BEFORE we start our lessons. If a student comes in late I will not be able to stop the lesson and tune the instrument. I will allow the student to remain in the class to see what we are learning but they probably will not be able to play their instrument that day. 
2. Your child will be dropped from guitar class after three unexcused absences. With only 15 rehearsals before the concert I think this is reasonable.
3. All students need to bring a music folder that fits in their guitar case. We will not have room for loose folders.
4. Students will experience success and have more fun if they PRACTICE REGULARLY at home for 20 minutes. I will be sending home sheet music in the students' music folders and will post music on the website. Student's know when they are making progress. It is so great to see their confidence grow.
5. Please CLEARLY MARK student's NAME on the OUTSIDE of the guitar case. Many guitars will have the same case and it is hard to tell the difference between them. A brightly colored ribbon tied to a handle will keep another student from taking your child's instrument home.
6. Guitars need to go home with students after school.  Students may not leave instruments at school overnight.

I am at present the only adult in the room. If there are any parents who would be willing to help out with crowd control or tuning 25 guitars for that matter... you are most welcome:)



Guitar Tuner-Click on the "guitar chords" tab and then practice the A, D, and E chords.


pbskidsHow guitars are made video!

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E Minor Pentatonic Scale

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