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Current Scholarship Postings
Click here for an up-to-date list of scholarships and opportunities for students. You can search for scholarships by category and/or due date, or view all by just clicking on the "submit" button.
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Additional Scholarship Websites: (Username: colonyhs / Password: 4Student) (Human Service) (Association of American Indian Affairs) (click on StudentZone) (Heating & Refrigeration) (for women 35+) (list under For Students) (Petroleum Engineers) (type scholarships in search box) (type scholarships in search box) (wealth of information on cheaper colleges, scholarships, grants, and financial aid information)

 Financial Aid Information

Through the Looking Glass Serving Families with Disabilities
National Academy of American Scholars    Information on colleges and financial aid opportunities
Alaska Performance Scholarship Requirements All Grades
Website linked to Colleges/Universities/Sch. Seniors
Western Undergraduate Exchange (WUE) Seniors, see WUE website for individual school requirements
Campus Explorer Exclusive Sch. Seniors and Juniors/Online Application Check for Individual Requirements

GET SMART ABOUT STUDENT LOANS! Visit the Alaska Commission on Postsecondary Education <> to watch videos about understanding credit, determining the right amount to borrow, how to create a budget, how to keep college costs low, and how to keep loan costs low. ACPE offers low-cost education loan options for students to cover education costs not met through savings, grants, scholarships, or federal Stafford Loans.

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