Daily Agenda with Wiki Introduction

Mr Anderson's Daily Agenda for Super Class12

We will try to keep this Agenda updated daily and if you see that we have not filled in a day, create a new post and you will earn extra points on the Active Role in Personal Success standard.
  • May 4th

    Today in class we :
    Email/ Clerical
    Recording studio (Adm)
    Office meeting (Our table)
    Schoolwires (ADM)
    Email/ Clerical
    PD Planning
    Gloggster edu R&D (ADM)
    Apple iOs
  • May 5th

    Today in Class:
    Homework Review Pgs. 67-69 Odd Problems
  • May 6th

    Today in Class we:
    Bellwork Reducing Fractions
    Homework Review pages 69-72 Evens 
  • May 7th

    Today in class:
    Morning Bellwork; compliments Mr McCourt's class WMS
    Lesson 6.5 Textbook review and homework pages 175-176 odds 
  • May 8th

    Today in class:
     Make sure to write down the assignments into the planner
  • May 9th

    Today in class we: 
    Investigated Window7 issues.  Take a look at the image and see if you can determine the problem?
  • May 10th

    Today in class we: 
    Built Awsome or at least functional Websites
    Go to the website and find your class site and make sure that your Overview page is ready.
    Then take the pre-assessment
  • student test link

Last Modified on September 12, 2013