Aesop for Subs

            Contact  Via Internet 
               Aesop can be accessed through the internet by visiting:

                  Your login ID and PIN have been emailed to you.
                  The generic email notice that was sent to all substitutes
                  active as of January 26, 2013 can be viewed Here.

         Contact  Via Telephone
                  You can call Aesop toll free at 1-800-942-3767
                  Simply follow the voice menu to proactively search for jobs
                  and manage existing jobs. An instruction guide for using 
                  the phone to access Aesop can be found below.

            Contact Quick Reference Guides

                  Getting to Know Aesop

                  Accepting Jobs 

                  Substitute Phone Guid

            Contact Comprehensive & Interactive Manuals:
  Aesop's Complete Substitute Guide 

                  Substitute Home Page Interactive Guide
               You can request to sign up for specific positions you wish to substitute for by using our electronic survey. Please click Here to begin.

Some positions have specific requirements that must be fufilled. Please see the below document for more information:

Substitute Position Requirements

Please see the below document for the required Interview Form:

Substitute Interview Form

 Substitute jobs that were accepted or assigned through
          February 1, 2013 and June 30, 2013 will no longer show under
          your SubFinder Account; these jobs now show in Aesop.

          Contact  Aesop allows substitutes to manage the control of which
         schools they prefer to substitute at. This information no longer
         needs to be submitted to Human Resources. Substitutes are set
         up with access to all sites. You will need to login into your   
         Aesop account to review and adjust your preferred school list. 

DO NOT change your PIN number. System settings will
         override any changes made to your PIN number and will revert
         back on a nightly basis to the number provided to you.

 If you accept a job Aesop will issue a confirmation number. Do
         not hang up the phone or close your internet browser until you
         receive the confirmation number. YOUR JOB TRANSACTION 

         Contact  Aesop makes phone calls to substitutes to offer available jobs.
         The standard call times for when the Aesop service calls out 
         for avilable jobs is as follows: 
                 In the mornings from: 5:30AM to 4:30 PM 
                 In the evenings from 5:00PM to 10:00PM
         You can change these settings by loging into Aesop online. If 
         you update  your specific call times on certain days, employees 
         will still have the ability to assign you to jobs during those 

         Contact  Substitutes now have the option to change their status to "Do 
         Not Call."  In this case Aesop will not call to offer jobs, but 
         employees can still assign you to their jobs. You will still 
         be able to view and accept jobs online as well as when you call 

         Contact  If a job is not filled by substitutes online or by them 
         proactively calling Aesop, then the system will begin calling out 
         2 days before the job starts.

          Contact  Depending on the positions they are signed up for, all 
          substitutes are given the same opportunity for jobs no matter 
          what their level of education might be.
          Contact   In order to have the option to accept a job online or over the 
          phone, you must access the "Details."  There is a button that 
          appears on a job posting that says "See Details" and there 
          is an option to press 1 on the phone to "hear more details."
          It is only after you access the details will you be able to accept 
          a job.





Last Modified on August 27, 2014