Outlook/ Lanschool PD Agenda


Outlook 2016


1.       Training Resources

1.1.    Google is your Friend

1.1.1. (pay attention to address of source)

1.2.    District Help

1.2.1.  Employees—Help—System-Outlook

1.2.2.  Departments—Informational Technology---Help Resources

2.       Web based vs Desktop application

2.1.    Light version

2.2.    Icon on desktop              Quick launch vs desktop icon              Right click pin to taskbar as to not remove icon from start menu

3.       Signature

3.1.    Web based

3.1.1.  Options—see all options—settings--mail

3.2.    Desktop

3.2.1.  File—options--mail

3.2.2.  Business card vs created from scratch              How to create business card

4.       View

4.1.    Desktop

4.1.1.  Default, Navigation Pane, View Pane, Reading Pane              Change – View—reading pane, to do pane              Folder in cabinet Navigation Pane              Archiving (120 Days)                     Data Cove—Employee Quick Links   Network ID and Password for access

4.2.    Bcc adding

4.2.1.  New mail—options—show fields bcc

4.2.2.  Web based –options—see  all options—settings—mail—message format—check Always show Bcc

      4.3  Conversation View


5.       Search

5.1.    View Pane

5.1.1. The Search Contextual Tab is displayed each time you click into the search box. It allows you to filter your search results using a variety of parameters, including:

5.1.2. Remember that less is more.  Only filter or narrow the search if there are too many results


6.       Contacts

6.1.    Were all friends now, CTRL + K

      6.2    Contact Groups

7.       Reply All vs Reply

8.       Rules

8.1.    Quick Steps

8.2.    Retract vs Recall and how

8.3    Inbox Rules

9.       Calendar

9.1.    View

9.1.1. Day Week Month

9.2.    Sharing

9.2.1.  Check box if you would like to have the share reciprocated

9.2.2.  Then how to select the calendar that you would like to view

10.   Tasks

10.1.These will haunt you for the rest of your life until completed

11.   Meetings vs Appointments

11.1.Scheduling Assistant

12. Tame your Inbox 4 D’s    (goal is to reduce the # of times that you need to touch an email)

12.1 Delete it

12.3 Do It

12.4 Delegate it

12.5 Defer

13.   Avoid Archiving

        13.1 Saving emails to an actual network folder to view later

            a. file save as (PDF, HTML, txt)

            b. drag and drop (still .msg outlook file)

14. Voting Polling in Email

        14.1  Basic options

15. Adding Screenshots to Email




1.       Training Resources

1.1.    Google

1.2.    District—Employees—Quicklinks---Lanschool Icon bottom right

2.       Teacher vs Student Version

2.1.    How and where to check to determine channel

2.2.    How to start application for teacher workstation

2.3.    Check version

2.3.1. Teacher must be greater version number than student preferable to be same newest to date

3.       Using the program

3.1.    Step one “blank the screen”

3.1.1. Select one or all (CTRL + A) the select “blank Screen Icon

3.2.    Vote

3.2.1. Polling/ Formative Assessment

3.3.    View

3.3.1. Details              Current application & Last Website ( are they ALT + TABBING)

3.3.2. Thumbnails

3.3.3. Configure Toolbar to show the icons that you use most

3.4.    Power On or Off All computers

3.5.    Limit Web (only works with IE)

3.6.    Send & Collect Files


Last Modified on March 9, 2017