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        -Your community Core Knowledge*, standards-based, placed-based school,-


         No School next two Friday's - 26 Aug and 2 Sep.  Both are professional development days for AMC.

        Parking - Please honor our building neighbors and only park in our area.  They do not want nor will they tolerate having our vehicles in their parking area.

        * Core Knowledge by E.D. Hirsch, Jr. works on the premise knowledge matters.  In our technology world (and believe me, American Charter uses technology as well and as much as any other school), it still is important that we teach students information - cultural literacy.  Even though you can Google to find out information, to adequately use the information and to problem solve or make connections, you need a base of knowledge to build from - a foundation - a core set of knowledge!  In reality each student needs both - the core knowledge of cultural literacy as well as the ability to think and find more information o their own.

        Core Knowledge by E. D. Hirsch, Jr. is NOT Common Core.  In fact, it is far from it.  Core Knowledge believes students need a grasp of background information.  Students don't need to be experts in all areas but they need to know the basics about our culture:  past, present and future such as  The Civil War, Billy the Kid, Faust, gamma rays, jazz, sea legs, Hitler and The Alamo.  


        Close to Perfect, Far from Normal.
        We believe in the American "Can Do" Spirit.
        Anyone can be successful if they are willing to work.

        Welcome to your 2017 School Year!

        Mrs. Nina Brady - Our excellent teacher, KTVA's Teacher of the Week!  
        Click on the link below to watch the video from KTVA Channel 11
        Mrs. Brady is the designer and creator of the multi-age classroom curriculum and concept,
        successfully preparing students for greater opportunities in their future!

        Use our AMC School Calendar to stay up-to-date.  

        Applications for School 
        Q: Is my child eligible to apply?
        A: Yes! We are a public school. All students attending American Charter Academy need to believe and accept the mission, curriculum and educational program provided at American Charter Academy.  We have an application process including a two step conference process.  Learn more about our school and how to apply for enrollment.
        Q:  When do current students fill out the "Intent to Return Form"?
        A:  The form is to be submitted by the identified date each year. 
        Q:  When can new to the school students apply?
        A:  Applications are being submitted now with interviews being scheduled as quickly as possible.   In the spring, the prior year, if there are more applications than spaces, we are required by law to hold a lottery. All students on the waiting list will need to reapply.  We do not carry over the waiting list from year to year
        Q:  Are there still spaces available for new students?
        A:  This constantly changes.  Please check with our school. 

        Call 352-0150 for more information.


        We can help your student prepare for your future with:

        • Hands On Activities
        • UA Scholars Program
        • Alaska Performance Scholarship qualification
        • Advisory Program

        Educational Elements:

        • Kindergarten - 12th Grades
        • Excellence in Academics
        • Standards-Based
        • Public Charter School
        • STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math) Focused School
        • Core Knowledge through Cross Curricular Project-Based Instruction
        • Placed-Based Instruction 

        Available Sports:

        • Biking
        • Snowshoes 
        • Running Club 
        • Along with typical PE activities

        Additional Information:

        Students throughout our school (kindergarten - graduation) enjoy a blended learning environment with many hands-on projects, teacher-led discussions, experimental labs and online experiences.

        High School at American Charter blends  many teaching techniques- expanding our students' horizons.  For additional options, the rigorous APEX courses are available for students at AMC.  APEX courses are approved by the College Board and approved by the NCAA.

        Becky Huggins - Principal

        American Charter Academy

        Physical Address:
        244 S
        Sylvan Ste. 110 Wasilla, AK 99654
        Phone: 907-352-0150

        Email: Becky.Huggins@matsuk12.us

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        AMC Announcements

        District News

        • arrow MSBSD START TIMES - 2016-2017
          School start/end times will remain the same for the 2016-2017 school year.
          Elementary schools time is 9:15 to 3:45.
          Middle/secondary schools time is 7:45 to 2:15.
          There are exceptions for northern schools:
          Willow start time is 8:20. Dismissal at 3:00 on M, Tu, Th, Fri & 1:40 on W.
          Talkeetna begins at 8:30. Dismissal at 3:00 on M, Tu, Th, Fri & 1:40 on W.
          Trapper Creek begins at 8:30. Dismissal at 3:00.
          Su Valley Jr/Sr High School begins at 8:30. Dismissal is at 2:54.
          If your child attends a charter school, confirm the time with your school.
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        • arrow SCHOOL SUPPLY LISTS
          Click here for 2016-2017 School Supply Lists
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          For information on School Registration visit MSBSD iEnroll
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        • arrow MSBSD GOES MOBILE!
          Click here for more information on the MSBSD mobile app, how to get started, and downloading the app. You may also download and read a mobile Fact Sheet or print it for easy reference.  Go mobile with the MSBSD! at www.matsuk12.us/mobile.
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          Interested in applying to Alaska Middle College? Download an Application Flowchart to see how.  You may also visit their website for more information.
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          Parents—Online Absence Reporting. Parents now have a method to report online student absences. A written note or telephone call is still acceptable, but online reporting is easy through iParent.
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        ACA Community Use Calendar

        Use this Calendar to request facility use at American Charter Academy.