The 2nd Annual Academy Charter Duck Derby & Festival is May 16th, 2015

Come join the fun at the Academy Charter Duck Derby at the Academy Charter School. Buy a chance on a Duck and win up to $2000!

The Academy Charter Duck Derby is a game of chance in which participants pay to “adopt” a duck(s) and these ducks are entered into an actual race. We will use our gaming permit for this event. Ducks can be adopted in a single pack, a Quack Pack (3), a Quacker's Dozen (14), a Deluxe Derby Pack (40) or a Flock of Ducks (100). On May 16th Academy’s Duck Derby Committees and helpers will create a lazy river, use the fire hydrant for water flow, and race 6000 rubber ducks in 6 initial heats! The first 10 ducks and the red lantern duck (last duck) of each initial heat will be entered into the final heat for the prize of $2000.